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32. Dr Robert Morley

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32 dr morley robert power50 2017 32

 A jujitsu-grappling, saxophone-playing colossus of a man, Dr Morley is deployed to maximum effect as GPC contracts and regulation lead.

This year, he has highlighted the huge cost and duplication of the red-tape that practices have to navigate, and helped GPs and practices that find themselves in dire straits because of the Capita primary care support shambles – unglamorous work that requires Dr Morley’s dogged determination and a keen brain.

And in his role as Birmingham LMC executive secretary he gives local practices the kind of practical assistance that is invaluable, in one case intervening in a dispute with Capita that won a practice £70,000 in long-overdue pension contributions ‘virtually overnight’.

He says: ‘I would like to thank the hardworking team at Birmingham LMC and all GPs and practice staff across the country for the magnificent work they do day in and out in the most unbelievably challenging circumstances.’

Why influential

A vital brake on red tape for GPs

What others say

‘GPC stalwart and common-sense proclaimer’

Random fact

Beat a professional cage fighter in a jujitsu competition