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33. Dr Alan Stout

Dr Stout is an established member of the BMA’s GP Committee and has been involved with the organisation for many years. 

His name is one Pulse readers will be seeing more of when takes over as chair of the BMA’s Northern Ireland GP Committee, replacing Dr Tom Black.

Dr Stout has already played a key role in the development of GP policy in Northern Ireland. In the past year this has included membership of the expert panel that worked with Rafael Bengoa and the Department of Health to set out the future configuration of health and social care services in Northern Ireland, in the ‘Bengoa review’.

Being elected to chair the NI GPC is ‘both an honour and a challenge’, says Dr Stout. It seems diplomacy will be key to his approach in the new role; he says there is ‘no question that working together and sharing goals is the most productive way of working, even when we don’t always agree’.

Expressing his thanks to Dr Black, who has chaired the NI GPC for the past seven years, Dr Stout says: ‘Our styles of working are very different but have complemented each other.’


Why influential: Due to become the most influential GP in Northern Ireland

What others say: ‘Hardworking, determined, but calm’

Random fact: Plays golf with a low single-figure handicap – but was recently overtaken by his 16-year-old son