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33. Dr Mark Sanford Wood

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33 dr sanford wood mark power50 2017 33

 Dr Mark Sanford-Wood’s bid this year to lead the profession fell short, but his work as a negotiator has won him many admirers and he is now the new second in command at the BMA’s GP committee.

Something of a poisoned chalice, he is responsible for overseeing the GPC’s response to rising GP indemnity fees. He has been forthright on this, warning that the Government’s ‘continued inaction will be catastrophic and will cause the collapse of services to patients’. With a rhetorical flourish, he said: ‘History will judge them harshly if they allow it to slip through their fingers.’

Dr Sanford-Wood also led on changes to firearms licensing arrangements, which had caused consternation among GPs. However, the guidance accompanying this blog was criticised for another u-turn from the BMA, after advising that ‘conscientious objectors’ could refuse to help applicants – having previously said this wasn’t the case.

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