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37. Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

The highlight of the annual LMCs Conference is often a rousing speech by Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer – who is an almost unrivalled gauge of sentiment in the profession.

Over the past 12 months, she has taken on new hats, including deputy chair of the LMCs Conference and deputy chief executive of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LMC. She was also elected to BMA Council in April.

The Hertford GP has influence that extends even beyond the titles she holds, as someone who says what the grassroots thinks and holds those at the top of the profession to account.

Most importantly, she enjoys huge respect among her peers: ‘She is an amazing doctor with an amazing brain’.


Why influential

A true barometer of the temperature of the profession

What others say

‘My husband just said “a force of nature would be a reasonable description”.’

Random fact

‘My Dad was a secondhand car dealer and my mum was a model.’