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37. Professor Azeem Majeed

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37 prof majeed azeem power50 2017 37

 Professor Azeem Majeed has had more than 50 academic articles published this year, but his personal highlight was getting a paper on trends in obesity into the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. The paper was widely shared on social media and ‘might shape global health policy’ as a result. 

He was nominated by GP colleagues for making ‘huge contributions’ to general practice and public health, and being a ‘champion for GP recruitment’.

He often writes for Pulse and the BMJ, and other GPs said Professor Majeed, professor of primary care and head of the Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Imperial College London, was ‘hugely influential’ because he is ‘a voice of reason’ speaking ‘in the language of evidence’.

As well as being a course director at Imperial, medical director for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and an adviser on public health and general practice to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the professor remains a GP partner in Clapham, South London, where he has practiced for 20 years.

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Wrote a children’s story: Sophie the Helpful Drago