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38. Dr Nav Chana

Dr Chana has spearheaded the rolling out of the National Association of Primary Care’s ‘Primary Care Home’ model – which sees health and social care professionals working together at scale to provide care for local communities – since 2015 and the approach is swiftly gaining traction.

More than 200 sites have now adopted the model, involving over 100 GP practices serving nine million patients, or 16% of the population.

NHS England, whose chief executive Simon Stevens backed the model in 2015, describes it as a version of its multispecialty community provider model, but with a focus on a smaller population, enabling it to roll out at a faster pace.

The model still sees GP practices, community services, mental health and acute trusts, social care and the voluntary sector working together in a network focused on population health needs.

Dr Chana’s favourite moment of the past 12 months was visiting a Primary Care Home site that he had personally supported, and finding that the morale of GPs and nurses had ‘improved significantly’.

Dr Chana says it is ‘all part of improving the joy of work in primary care’.

Why influential: Spearheads model of general practice that is spreading across England

What others say: ‘Passionate about improving care’

Random fact: Loves walking his springer spaniel