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41. Dr Chandra Kanneganti

It’s a surprise Dr Kanneganti has any time to breath. He is the BMA GP Committee policy lead on NHS England investment, chair of the British International Doctors Association, an elected counsellor in Stoke-on-Trent, chair of the North Staffs GP federation and clinical lead for GP Health in the North Midlands – to name a few.

In his GPC role, he is continuing to monitor the investment promised in the GP Forward View, and has been keeping an eye on investments from the Long Term Plan over the past year. This has included attending steering group meetings to ensure communities and general practice get the investments promised to them.

He’s very proud of his role at GP Health, helping GPs suffering from mental health problems. Since the service launched in 2017, 5% of GPs in England have sought help from the service, and with more than half of GPs saying they’re overstretched and work above safe limits, the service has never been more relevant.

Over the next year, Dr Kanneganti will be ‘playing a key role’ in the development of primary care networks and will support the GPC commissioning and service delivery policy team.

Why influential: Scrutinising Long Term Plan and GP Forward View progress and supporting the welfare of GPs

What others say: ‘Always trying to help everyone – speaks for BME doctors’ welfare in particular’

Random fact: Is on the approved candidates list for the Conservative party and hopes to be contesting an election soon