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41.Dr Chandra Kanneganti

Not only is Dr Chandra Kanneganti continuing to monitor delivery of NHS England’s GP Forward View, he has been prominent in amplifying the concerns of international doctors in the aftermath of the case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba.

Immediately after the High Court ruled in the GMC’s favour to strike off Dr Bawa-Garba from the medical register, Dr Kannegati joined the campaign to have her reinstated by writing an open letter as chair of the British International Doctors Association. The campaign has borne fruit, with the Appeal Court now having overturned the High Court’s decision.

Since then, he has raised his voice on race equality issues in medicine, calling on the CQC to investigate links between practice ratings and ethnicity, after it was found that at least 60% of GPs at inadequate practices are from a BME background.

Dr Kanneganti is at the forefront of the BMA’s response to the GP Forward View. When it reached its second anniversary in April, the BMA challenged NHS England on its delivery of ‘transformation’ funding. A freedom of information request by the BMA to CCGs found that a fifth had given less than half the required £3-per-head funding this year and some 6% allocated nothing at all in 2017/18.

Dr Kanneganti says he was ‘personally thanked’ by LMCs for bringing this to light.

Why influential:

Continually scrutinises GP Forward View progress while advocating for the fair treatment of all doctors.

What others say:

‘Inspirational leader in many areas which affect GPs. Passionate, hardworking and always looking to improve services for the better.’

Random fact:

He’s planning to run for councillor in the May 2019 local elections.