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43. Dr Keith Grimes

While studying at university, Dr Grimes dedicated all of his time to try to understand how technology could be best used to help solve clinical problems. His passion has been rewarded. Now as clinical innovation director and clinical AI at Babylon Health, he is in charge of identifying and celebrating internal innovations.

He founded the online forum VR Doctors where he has helped individuals use VR to control their pain.

Dr Grimes says taking part in the Topol Review – commissioned by the health secretary to look at how the healthcare workforce can deliver the digital future – and being present at its launch in February was ‘particularly special’ as he had spent the past 28 years working towards a role of clinical informatician.

Giving up is not a term that belongs in Dr Grimes’ dictionary. After burning out in 2017, he returned to practice the following year and used his experience of depression to establish the mental health ‘power of diversity’ group within Babylon, which aims to support individuals affected by mental health disorders and foster a healthy work environment.

Why influential: Greatly involved in the use of technology in healthcare services

What others say: ‘A fizzing ball of energy and an unstoppable force for good’

Random fact: Was the star guest on the Roland Rat show at the age of 12, having won a competition to design his new sewer