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45. Dr Peter Deveson

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45 dr deveson, pete power50 2017 45

 Not all heroes wear capes. This Surrey GP may not have titles, sit on various boards or get to schmooze with ministers, but he has the respect of grassroots colleagues.

His Pulse columns always hits the mark, whether it is about bitcoins, dinosaurs or NOT writing about Professor Steve Field.

He writes with humour, insight and a pervading sense of dread, saying: ‘It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that 2016/17 has been a ceaseless horrorshow of ever-heightening awfulness’. Which is good.

This year has not been without its upsides, however: Dr Deveson looks on the bright side that he has ‘successfully navigated the CQC/GMC minefield for another year’, while the highlight of the year was when Gary Lineker liked one of his tweets – which, for a 40-year-old Englishman, ‘is something akin to a celestial experience’.

Luckily, Dr Deveson is not yet looking for a career in academia, management or medical politics to ‘rise high enough the messy business of actually seeing the punters fades into the background’. So he’ll be pontificating on the pages of PulseToday for a while yet.

Why influential

Helps GPs smile amid the woes of general practice

What others say

‘His Pulse columns are brilliant’

Random fact

Had a tweet liked by Gary Lineker this year