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48. Dr Pooja Arora

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48 dr arora pooja power50 2017 48

With practices being corralled into getting bigger by the day, this Birmingham GP is working hard to make the whole thing comprehensible for jobbing GPs.

Through her role as deputy policy lead of the BMA’s working at scale group, she is tasked with explaining the pitfalls and opportunities of federations and superpartnerships.

But she is also out to help the less established tribes find their feet as well.

This year she conceived and ran a conference for GPs in training across the West Midlands last month which gave future GPs a chance to quiz their leaders on changes to the junior doctor contract and where they can seek support.

The ‘quietly confident and ambitious’ GP told Pulse ‘watching my ideas come together and become a reality’ was one of the highlights of last year.

She is currently working to develop a similar event for sessional GPs as well, and recently gave a talk at a BMA Women in Medicine event on the importance women stepping up and becoming leaders.

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