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49. Dr Chandra Kanneganti

49 dr kanneganti chandra power50 2017 49

49 dr kanneganti chandra power50 2017 49

 The Stoke GP’s key task this year has been to formulate the GPC’s response to the GP Forward View.

Dr Kanneganti managed the survey of LMC leaders that was central to the response, providing a ’checklist’ on the money that should have been delivered and a report highlighting ‘slow progress’ on many commitments.

The report that followed the survey concluded there had been ‘slow progress’ on a number of commitments, while commissioners were failing to spend the money they should.

As part of this role, he also organised a successful conference for LMCs on the GP Forward View and provided advice to local leaders in areas where they were not getting the promised support.

He is also the chair of BIDA and, on a local level, his North Staffordshire GP Federation – which comprises 82 practices – successfully bid for career plus scheme and clinical pharmacists, local contracts and he is leading on the development of a ‘multispecialty community provider’ in the area, which will provide both primary and secondary care.

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Co-ordinating BMA’s response to the GP Forward View

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