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9. Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer

In her new role as deputy chair of the UK LMCs conference – and soon-to-be Cambridgeshire LMC chief executive – this year was always going to be a big one for Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer.

But an early challenge was an unsavoury one. While co-chairing the LMCs event in March, a senior member of the conference made sexist remarks aimed at her.

Dr Bramall-Stainer was quick to call out the misogynistic behaviour, and, along with her colleague and former BMA sessional GP subcommittee chair Dr Zoe Norris, they used the incident to catapult the issue of wider sexism within the BMA into the limelight.

And their action paid off. The BMA announced an independent, external investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment and sexism at the core of the organisation.

The Hertford GP says she is determined the findings will not be ‘privately filed away’.

Why influential: Publicly spoke up against the sexism scandal at the BMA

What she says: ‘It is now BMA policy that we own the fact that sexism is a problem and are committed to making a difference’

Random fact: Participated in a special winners’ ‘episode of the Only Connect quiz show on BBC Two -with her husband David Stainer. The episode was dubbed ‘Stainer versus Stainer’ as the couple captained rival teams