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9. Dr Punam Krishan

When Glasgow GP Dr Punam Krishan resigned from her partnership after suffering burnout last year, she decided to use her experience to help others.

To raise awareness of chronic stress and the risks of clinical burnout GPs face, she turned her hand to writing for the media and had articles published in the national press, including The Huffington Post, The Scotsman and Pulse.

Recognising that many diseases can be brought about by poor mental health, lack of sleep, inactivity and nutritional deficiency, Dr Krishan joined the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and has since become the charity’s director and trustee for Glasgow.

In this role, she has helped develop #1change, a national health campaign that highlights the link between lifestyle and morbidity.

Dr Krishan also takes her passion for lifestyle medicine into the community, co-running monthly voluntary education workshops for children.

‘This work complements my daily work as a GP, where I have limited time to spend with my patients to educate them about primary prevention, which is one of the main reasons I became a GP in the first place,’ she says.

As well as piloting a group consultation project across 12 practices in Glasgow, exploring how maximising GP-patient time together and peer-led discussion can boost management of long-term conditions, Dr Krishan finds time to represent GPs on her LMC.

Through all this, this busy mum is able to maintain a positive worklife balance doing what she enjoys.

What others say ‘Dr Krishan tirelessly works to raise the profile of lifestyle medicine and inspires and encourages all those around her’