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Dr Sandy Moffitt

Over her distinguished career, Dr Moffitt has accrued a loyal following of patients, but her achievements stretch further than her practice, the University Health Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

As an associate TB specialist in Leeds, she has made significant changes locally, developing in-house screening programmes that saw uptake among at-risk patients increase from less than 20% to more than 90%.

Dr Moffitt implemented screening for blood-borne viruses as part of the TB programme, resulting in more asymptomatic patients with HIV and hepatitis, as well as TB, being diagnosed and promptly treated. Her work in latent TB screening has led to her sitting on NICE committees and collaborating on national guidelines.

She also has an interest in polycystic ovary syndrome, hosting educational evenings to empower patients to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to help them live with the condition, and to share their experiences. Her template has been adopted by the local CCG as an example of clinical excellence.

What colleagues say: ‘Sandy’s commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge are truly amazing, and we are so grateful for the generous time she has dedicated on so many levels’ Cathie Railton, TB programme manager, Yorkshire & Humber & North East TB Control Board