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The gabapentin quiz

Question 1. What is your main symptom?

A. I have type 1 diabetes and 2 years ago I developed a well demarcated peripheral neuropathy

B. I get a tingling pain down my arm…sometimes

C. I dunno man…it’s like a mad shooting pain and sometimes it’s like burning and sometimes I’m like wooooohhh man this is like a real head f*ck and my girlfriend says I should get tested for bipolar as well.

Question 2. A ‘friend’ of yours offers you some white powder. Do you?

A. Throw your hands up in horror and ask them to kindly leave your dinner party, taking their chateau petrus with them.

B. Think about it for a minute, then remember that the last time you did it you couldn’t stop puking for 2 days

C. Mmmmmmmmm….Snortttttttttttttt…….

Question 3. After taking gabapentin your symptoms

A. Are very well controlled and you display marked functional improvement

B. Are a bit better

C. Are you joking? I’m off ma tits man! This stuff’s great!

Question 4. Do you refer to gabapentin as

A. A Gabapentinoid

B. Gabapentin

C. Gabas!


Mostly A’s. You should definitely be on gabapentin.

Mostly B’s. You should probably think about coming off gabapentin

Mostly C’s. No way man, it’s paracetamol for you!!!