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Unsung heroes

Dr Ian Johnson London

‘He has been at our surgery for 40 years. These days when continuity of care seems so undervalued this is an achievement that should be celebrated.’


ilyas ahmed crop

Ilyas Ahmed 

Dr Ilyas Ahmed Heanor, Derbyshire

‘Ilyas is our senior partner, he is 67 years old and continues to work three full days a week. He is an inspiration as he demonstrates the capacity to work at full steam in a system under strain.’



 Dr Doug Jeffrey Didsbury, Manchester

‘His infectious “can do” attitude is a pleasure to work alongside.’


Dr Kate Dawson South Uist, Outer Hebrides

 ‘An inspirational GP who works in a difficult environment, doing a difficult job that involves rurality, a hospital and isolation.’


Dr Amar Hussain Peterborough

‘Dr Hussain is a compassionate GP who works hard to ensure family carers are supported at the earliest possible time.’


Dr Awadh Jha Sittingbourne, Kent

‘Dedicated to patients and has a special interest in diabetes. He is an absolute inspiration to all members of our team.’


Dr Alison Rimmer Bury

‘Alison delivers high-quality patient care every day without compromise, while also adding value to her wider community through her pathway work.’


manpreet bains

Manpreet Bains

Dr Manpreet Bains London

‘A young, amazing GP whose enthusiasm and quest for improvement is unrivalled. This lady is the future for general practice.’


Dr Forbes Watson Lyme Regis, Dorset

‘Dr Forbes is seen as a clinical champion driving change in Dorset.’


Dr Andrew Heaton Denbighshire

‘Inspirational trainer and always willing to help. A wealth of information and a kind, friendly face.’


Dr Gita Thakur London

‘For boldly stepping out from a comfortable place and leading an inner-city practice with all its challenges after losing more senior GP partners.’


Dr Kesar Sadhra Slough

‘His work for diabetics, especially with Asians in the community, has helped so many families adapt their lifestyle to be healthier and avoid use of medications.’


Dr Amanda Britton Basingstoke

‘Dr Britton has been influential in the local health economy for many years and is a key facilitator of working together across primary care and the hospital.’


charlotte reddick

Charlotte Reddick

Dr Charlotte Reddick Stockport

‘She has compassion, a caring manner and shows humility.’






Dr Shan Hussain Nottingham

‘He is following a dream to improve health for the population through prevention.’


Dr Sian Whyte Milton Keynes

‘Sian has had the courage to engage the elephant in the room – the serious mental and physical health damage that general practice job pressures have created.’


Dr Sioned Richards Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

‘She is a warm, approachable and outstanding GP to whom patients and colleagues alike gravitate.’


Dr Anne Hawkridge Bolton

‘Anne is leading on an MRCGP clinical skills assessment support programme, producing a dramatic improvement in pass rates for GP trainees across the north-west of England.’


Dr Brian Rambihar Leyland, Lancashire

‘Inspirational lead in education, appraisal and mentoring for local GPs.’


Dr Dorin Teodorescu Portchester, Hampshire

‘He shows real interest in why you are there and engages you in discussing possible remedies.’


gurjinder randhawa

Gurjinder Randhawa

Dr Gurjinder Randhawa Beeston, Leeds

‘He has turned around a practice in a deprived area of south Leeds.’




Dr Charlotte Day Portsmouth

‘Dr Day is regularly on BBC Radio Solent when there is a health issue being discussed, and always explains things at a level the general public will understand. Certainly an ambassador for the profession.’


Dr Angela Goyal Leeds

‘She is a skilful organiser, a good speaker and an educator in dermatology for GPs and on lifestyle medicine.’


Dr Ben Kay Salisbury

‘Outstanding GP, GP trainer, GPSI in dermatology and local hospital locality lead.’


Dr Isolde Shore-Nye Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent

‘Isolde brings together a diverse range of practices in one of the most deprived areas of Wales, creating real local momentum to address health needs.’


Dr Deen Mirza Croydon

‘For challenging and attempting to redefine the way we consult in primary care with novel consultation models for different scenarios.’


Dr Claire Rushton Blackburn

‘She is an excellent clinician, GP trainer and employer.’


Dr Joanna Bayley Gloucestershire

‘Dr Bayley has put the development of a co-operative GP provider organisation and the protection of primary care ahead of her clinical career.’


Dr Zaid Hirmiz Waterlooville, Hampshire

‘He is a very good doctor, very kind and understanding.’


sophia sandford

Sophia Sandford

Dr Sophia Sandford Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

‘Inspirational and motivational GP in a struggling area.’




Dr Mukesh Bolina Littleport, Cambridgeshire

‘Dr Bolina recognises the role of family carers in primary care. He welcomes a true triangle of care, is a great ambassador for carers and is always open to ideas to promote carer wellbeing.’


Dr Zishan Syed Maidstone, Kent

‘He speaks for the silent majority of GPs who are currently faced with ever-growing political and patient expectations and demands.’


Dr Jon Evans Blandford Forum, Dorset

‘Jon is a full-time partner and the Dorset and Wiltshire Rugby doctor, giving up his weekends to work at matches.’