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9. Dr Surina Chibber

dr chibber surina 3 x2

dr chibber surina 3 x2

The concept of free time might be alien to many GPs but Dr Chibber is doing her best to resurrect it. Her website, My Locum Manager, is an online platform for locums that manages their work diary, invoices, and pension forms. Her nominators say this saves hours of valuable time for leisure (or sleep) by simplifying paperwork. Dr Chibber has won a place on the NHS England Clinical Innovation scheme to develop the platform further.

As a Pulse columnist and blogger Dr Chibber has tirelessly fought locums’ corner. For example, she met medical defence organisations in person to discuss the cost of indemnity and put GPs’ concerns to them directly. All the organisations agreed to work more closely with the Government and the MDDUS even agreed for her to publish their responses on her blog.

She also runs workshops nationally to help promote sessional work to GPs. These cover all aspects of the work but their key aim is to help GPs diversify their careers, improve satisfaction and boost retention amid the recruitment crisis.

One nominating GP wrote: ‘Surina has really helped myself and several others I know explore different options as a portfolio doctor.

‘Her website has been really helpful in my locum work and has taken away a big pain point for me, giving me a lot more free time.’ The perfect analgesic for GPs – and not a green slip in sight.

What others say ‘For her support work and campaigning for sessional GPs, Dr Chibber deserves to be named a rising star’