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Take Pulse’s second survey – Building a Better General Practice

GP returners staying on

Take our second survey from Pulse’s new campaign to promote a positive vision of general practice. In this five-minute survey, we are asking about the services general practice should be providing if funding wasn’t an issue. The only parameter we are putting up is current GP numbers – 1,400 patients per GP (headcount, not full-time equivalent).

We have convened a panel of GP experts to discuss various aspects of general practice. They have produced a list of statements, which we want you to agree or disagree with. This will feed into future weeks to shape our new design for general practice. There will be four surveys over July in total.

Remember – this is not about how you feel about the current state of general practice. This is about the general practice you would like to see.

To read a full summary of the first survey and the second panel discussion, please click here. For more on the campaign itself, please click here.

Click here to take the survey

Jaimie Kaffash, Pulse Editor