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The full survey results: How GPs see good general practice

The full survey results: How GPs see good general practice

We surveyed GPs over six weeks over the summer, asking their views on a range of statements about general practice. Below, is the average ratings the statements received out of 5. Read the full analysis here


We convened the panel by approaching a diverse range of GPs in terms of career stage, interests and demographics. We also put a call out inviting readers to join the panel.

We convened four panel meetings between 30 June and 4 August. After each one, we formulated statements, not necessarily reflecting the beliefs of the panel, but designed to elicit consensus from readers on the ideal design for general practice. Our only restriction in terms of the design was the current ratio of one GP to 1,400 patients. As part of one survey, we asked how many hours they’d like to work – the average was 32 a week, so the panel worked within this too.

We carried out four surveys using SurveyMonkey: 5-7 July, with 498 respondents; 9-20 July (399); 30 July-3 Aug (466); and 10-12 Aug (324).

Only GPs were allowed to take the survey, and they self-declared. We asked them to score the statements from 1-5 (1 = strong disagreement, 5 = strong agreement). We removed ‘don’t knows’ and produced average scores for each statement, with anything below ‘3’ seen as a negative response.

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