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Book review: Digital Healthcare, The Essential Guide

Digital technology touches every one of us working in primary care but this book is about really using digital to change healthcare for patients, not just maintaining their medical record.

Ranging from understanding digital through to making it happen and pushing the boundaries, this is an undeniable romp through the available information on digital, all supported by hands-on practical examples and further resources and evidence in each chapter.

The power of this book is the focus on patients – the text is not so much about what you can do, it’s about what you can do for your patients to improve their experience and outcomes.

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It’s not necessarily a cover to cover read, it depends on on your needs and acts equally well as a reference guide as an individual, an organisation or a commissioner.

The book is challenging – as a profession we need to engage digitally, we need to work with our patients to gain momentum and we need to aim high. Are the authors too bold in their aspirations for us all? I think not but if you baulk at the idea of an intelligent city, this book may not be for you. Or it may be just the book you need to read. 


Dr Will Murdoch is executive partner for the Modality Partnership in Birmingham. He has previously led on the implementation of digital roadmaps for NHS England, West Midlands.


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