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Counselling cuts are based on evidence

Our decision to move away from counselling to other forms of psychological therapy is based on clinical evidence, not economic factors.

(PCTs cutting mental health funding to deliver IAPT)

Psychological therapy resources, totalling more than £4m, now focus on delivering evidence-based therapies (including cognitive behaviour therapy) that are clinically proven to improve emotional and psychological wellbeing.

NHS Buckinghamshire has increased investment in mental health services. Our priority is to provide high-quality care consistently to Buckinghamshire residents, and we are doing this by increasing access to a range of psychological therapies and reducing waiting times.

Following a review, people across the country now have equal access to a range of psychological therapies to meet their needs. CBT is not the only therapy we offer – local people can also access interpersonal therapy and couples therapy. We are currently developing plans to offer other forms of evidence-based therapies, and will be exploring the potential to retrain local counsellors to provide these services.

The services, which operate under the name Healthy Minds, deliver comprehensive and effective support for people with anxiety, stress, trauma and depression.

From Dr Geoff Payne, GP and PEC chair
NHS Buckinghamshire