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Book review: ‘Help Them Beat the Booze: How to survive life with a problem drinker’ by Edmund and Helen Tirbutt

This is a book written by two authors for people who have been affected essentially by others drinking problems. The intention has been made clear in first few pages of the book which has been divided into eight chapters and a short note at the end. Two appendices at the end mentioned of the helpful resources and references.

I found this one as an easy to read, well referenced, informative and quite practical sort of book. This is a combination which would help not only those with close ones having alcohol problems but also for people who are on the verge of falling into serious alcohol addiction. Important points have been well illustrated and summarised at the end of each chapter which makes it easy to retain the message. As a health professional, reading the case studies helped me in understanding the patients with serious alcohol problems as well as what their relatives have been going through.

Less jargon would help maintain the interest of the readers. A chapter on newer and less conventional methods of treatment could be interesting.

Overall, a fantastic book which I am sure would greatly help its vast readership.

Rating: 10/10

Dr Amit Kumar is a GP in Aylesford, Kent


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