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Book review: Neuroanatomy by AR Crossman and D Neary

Neuroanatomy is a concise presentation of a complex subject with an easy, intuitive layout that’s enriched with clear diagrams, pictures and summary boxes. Physiological and clinical correlations have been made in several instances, which is helpful for keeping readers engaged in quite an intricate area of medical science.

The authors have done well to maintain the right balance of breadth and depth throughout the book, which has been primarily written for medical students. They would hardly need to pick up an atlas of neuroanatomy because of the excellent use of illustrations throughout the book.

But this book’s not just for students: it’s also the perfect tool for refreshing the memory of a busy clinician because of its succinct text and use of clinical correlations.

Clear demonstration of reflexes and dermatomes, information for analysing clinical examinations, and a chapter on problem solving have all added value to the book.

You can also access online supplements of the text or read it entirely in an electronic format.

An aide-memoire is always popular among medical students – looking back, this would have been a welcome read.

Rating: 10/10

Dr Amit Kumar is a GP in Aylesford