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Asthma music video increases awareness of treatment guidelines

Source: YouTube

Glenfield asthma video

A music video about asthma treatment guidelines had an almost immediate effect on clinical practice at a UK hospital.

In research presented at the European Respiratory Society congress, respiratory specialists at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester audited awareness of the treatment guidelines among hospital staff and found it was 62%. Within a month of the video being posted, awareness was 100%.

Dr Tapas Mukherjee, a respiratory physician at the hospital said he and his colleagues initially reformatted the written guidelines, making them more readable and easier to navigate, before deciding to make a music video. The video was shot in three days in a field near his home before being posted to YouTube.

An audit of clinical practice conducted a month after the video posted found 100% awareness of the guidelines and 80% compliance with the guidelines.

There were statistically significant differences in knowledge before and after the video of proper steroid use (69% vs 91%), oxygen saturation targets (67% vs 91%), and when a chest x-ray is indicated (26% vs 71%).

European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2013 Annual Congress: abstract 3503.



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