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Is promoting LARCs really a good idea?

May you allow me to disagree with the use of the word ‘promoting' in your article about long-acting reversible contraception (‘Promoting long-acting reversible contraception').

I would have rather used the term ‘advising'.

As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, promoting means: to present (merchandise) for buyer acceptance through advertising, publicity or discounting', which is different from advising: to give information or notice to.

Beside the possible moral stand of physician and patient about contraception, the intrinsic properties of LARCs raise the possibility of coercion and abuse.

LARCs do not allow patients to immediately initiate and discontinue use by their own actions. In fact, women have to rely on health care providers for initiation, and they cannot discontinue their contraceptive effect without the delay associated with having to seek professional help.

From Dr Edoardo Cervoni, Preston, Lancashire