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Book review: ‘GPST Stage 3 – Written and Simulation Exercises’ by Richard Hughes and Shivani Tanna

While written specifically for those intending to take the stage three part of the GP selection test, this book is surprisingly entertaining!

Various scenarios for the reader to imaginatively engage with and respond to are described.

It seems clear to me that anyone attempting the test would be wise to obtain a copy of this and for those from outside the UK - it would be indispensible.

Background information describing the status quo in modern UK medicine is given and the GP consultations described give a good idea of what happens in UK primary care.

Loaded with tips and advice, this book  can only be reassuring for every reader.

As an older doctor I never did have to contemplate this GP entry test and the scenarios described in the written prioritization test made me feels stressed just reading them!

Even a prospective applicant to medical school would gain from a look through this book, I suspect I will direct my copy at such a person.

Both authors are GPs based in London with good credentials and deserve congratulation.

Dr Grace Gibson is a GP in Hull






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