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All we can do is support you – tell us how

It feels a little like the relative calm before the hurricane. You are probably inundated with concerned patients unclear why they are ‘shielded’, or why they haven’t yet received a letter telling them they are shielded.

You’re probably bracing yourself for the deluge of prematurely discharged hospital patients secondary care will be sending your way that need specialist knowledge and intensive input.

You’re getting used to doing most of your consultations remotely.

And you are probably getting information overload from hundreds of different sources.

You’re probably bracing yourself for the deluge

What we at Pulse can do is help you with this information overload. Firstly, with our reporting.

But, in these times, maybe even more useful is our A-Z list of resources on a single page. We will keep this updated but we also want to add to it. Please let us know if there are resources you want to add:

And once again, good luck.

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