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The darkening grey areas

It feels as though we are entering the storm. This Easter weekend has long been cited as the peak in the UK, and as it gets closer, the closer GPs are having to get to Covid-19 patients.

The latest guidance from NHS England says: ‘When face-to-face assessment [of potential Covid-19 patients] is required, this will need to be managed either through use of designated sites (whether within practices or as separate locations, for example, hubs) or through home visiting services.’

GPs are also being advised to see suspected Covid-19 patients who are being bounced around by NHS 111.

With an information overload, there needs to be clear black and white guidance

This seems like a huge departure from a few weeks back, when GPs were told they should have no face-to-face contact with potential cases.

And it leaves some grey areas. What exactly is meant by ‘required’ in this instance? And this might be clear for patients with new symptoms, but what about those with respiratory symptoms post discharge or post week one or two – should they be contacting GPs or 111?

I do have sympathy with those planning the response to this. It is an impossible situation. But with an information overload – that we are trying to help with – there needs to be clear, black and white guidance – something like this for primary care. And, of course, proper PPE.

As always, stay safe everyone.

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