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BMA must show visible opposition

I support Dr Louise Irvine's call for prompt, visible opposition. It is not coming from the BMA.

BMA's weak opposition to health bill is failing GPs – and betraying the NHS

It is time to stop kowtowing to Government and provide the expert medical leadership that the populace respects doctors for, and expects from us. To fail this expectation could lose us our position as a ‘profession'.

The dual general threat to the NHS through the Health and Social Care Bill and to our pensions provides a basis for action.

I am afraid I would disagree with Dr Andrew Dearden on this one – I agree that none of us want to do anything that could risk the quality of care we provide, but to fail to object actually constitutes an action (or inaction) that does risk the quality of care we provide.

To take industrial action could safeguard the quality of care we provide, if carefully organised and arranged with popular support.

From Dr David Church
Machynlleth, Wales