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BMA needs backbone on pension ballot

I am furious we won't get balloted on pensions this year.

BMA rules out joining NHS-wide pensions strike in November

The Government needs to know how strongly we feel as a profession. If we don't get balloted at all then I'm giving up on the BMA and cancelling my membership.

I'm a GP and already pay nearly a quarter of my income into my pension. This is a self-funding pension scheme that runs a profit of billions currently.

Why does that money go to the Treasury? Why doesn't it go back into the pension scheme to future-proof it?

I know a number of older GPs who are retiring early because of this issue. The BMA and all doctors need to get a backbone and consider striking over this.

We have taken a beating by the Government for too long.

Come on BMA. Wake up and do what your members want you to and make a stand.

From Dr Chris Manby