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Call to campaign against reforms

We are a group of GPs in south-east London who are very concerned about the proposed changes to the NHS.

The reorganisation will be very expensive at a time when expenditure is actually being cut. The many redundancies will result in the loss of countless years of knowledge and experience from the NHS.

GP consortia are to be responsible for decisions about local health services and priorities, but will not be elected or accountable in any way to local people. Abolition of organisations like PCTs, with overall planning functions to be replaced by GP consortia, could fragment services and threaten patient safety, comprehensiveness and equity. The commercialisation of the NHS undermines its values and its effectiveness.

We hope you will join with us in campaigning against these reforms by lobbying your MPs, informing patients and writing to the press.

From Dr Brian Fisher, chair of the Socialist Health Association, Dr Louise Irvine, chair of the SE London branch of the BMA, Dr Jane Logan, Dr Keith Hertogs, Dr Jim Sikorski and Dr Deborah Maynard.