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GPC has already rolled over on commissioning

It seems to me from GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman’s interview that he’s already capitulated to the idea of GP commissioning without a fight or even a proper consultation.

(Buckman warns Lansley: ‘No commissioning in the contract’)

Nowhere does he suggest that this untested idea should be piloted in, say, a couple of areas of England first, before going straight into a situation where GPs are likely to end up the scapegoats for a system that is set up to fail.

He isn’t even debating with the Government the idea that GPs could – or even would – want to commission on such a large scale. And I won’t be fobbed off with the idea that if we don’t sign up to the idea and negotiate at this stage, that we’ll end up with something worse imposed from the top. That was the GPC argument with regard to the 2004 contract, and it was worse than envisaged anyway.

Just stand up to them for once! Or at least use some leverage – for example, saying ‘we’ll consider these things if you rethink the GP pay freeze, otherwise we won’t co-operate’. Stop being spineless. The Government wants our co-operation, so use that to our advantage.

From Dr Amanda Lindsay
Stockport. Cheshire

Dr Laurence Buckman