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GPs happier than ever? Only in Cloud Cuckoo Land

That is absolutely hilarious. The global sum has gone up 1% in six years. Income is falling year on year. I am working 12- or 13-hour days and still it’s not enough to satisfy demand. That is a ludicrous assessment of ‘evidence’.

Dr Douglas Bannatyne, Harrogate, Yorkshire


This statement by the DH is so out of touch that it’s farcical. I know of no GP who is ‘happy’ in their current job and certainly none who feels income remains the same as it was several years ago. I hope our representatives dismiss this rubbish as soon as possible.

Dr Gillian Breese, Llandudno, Wales


Our partnership can no longer go on with the increasing secondary care and other work, unless we decrease our average list size. I work two days for 13 to 15 hours a day minimum as a partner and my pay is going down 10% this year. I cannot go on for 15 more years like this.

Dr Charlotte Ferriday, Plymouth


‘GPs happier than ever and maintaining income levels’? Only in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Dr Diana Lowry, Epping, Essex


I have just read this out to a group of GP colleagues sitting in a CCG meeting that is due to end after 9pm, and that’s after we’ve done our day jobs! Made us laugh, though.

Dr Anne-Marie Houlder, Stafford

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