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Letter of the week: Don’t touch our pensions

I think this is the single most demoralising issue in general practice.

I was afraid a clampdown on our pensions was coming ( Department of Health to renegotiate GP pensions in the New Year). I have bought nearly eight years in added contributions over the last 20 years so that I might retire when aged 60 on a full pension.

I watched my father flog himself and visibly age between 60 and 65. He retired at 65 only to die aged 67 – so there is no way I will work beyond 60.

I feel so strongly that I would take industrial action on this one, and if ever our negotiators have to earn their crust it is now.

I see hospital doctors earning double my income and see myself losing allowances and paying greater contributions already.

We have to draw a line and say ‘we had a deal and you need to stick to it'. Our hard-earned contract has to be fought over. We must not be apathetic in giving the Government the message.

If I could retire tomorrow I would.

From Dr Iain Mcleod
East Calder, West Lothian

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Letter of the week: Don't touch our pensions