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Letter of the week: Patients won’t be impressed by our conflicts of interest

Pulse's revelation that almost a quarter of shadow consortium board members have roles with private providers is very disturbing

News: GP reforms leaders on boards of private firms

The initial GP euphoria after the BMA Special Representative meeting was quickly shattered, firstly by the Guardian predicting a new wave of GPs earning £300,000 if the Health and Social Care Bill is passed, and now by this news that a large number of GPs will have a very significant conflict of interest.

At a time of falling GP income, it is easy to understand why GPs are tempted to embark on this course.

The GPC though is concerned by the potential for conflict of interest, but can GPs do anything to stop it? We do not have a good record of blocking the Government's reforms, which are ruining general practice.

I feel very uncomfortable with the fact that I shall be rewarded for cutting my referrals and I dislike the relentless trend towards an army of sessional doctors and a few very wealthy ‘generals' running general practice. What must our patients be thinking?

From Dr Clarissa Fabre, Buxted, East Sussex

Dr Clarissa Fabre