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My answer to the crisis – we all sign GP patients off work

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GPs are in crisis but are too busy working to fight for themselves and the NHS which is being eviscerated by the current Government.

GPs are experiencing unprecedented stress now and I propose a simple answer.

From a date in the near future every GP should sign all their GP patients off work due to ’work-related stress due to inadequate resources provided by the Conservative Government from 2010 to current day’. To provide a safe primary care for our patients we need more time, more clinical staff support and an acknowledgment that in areas of higher medical need more medical resources are required. To that end primary care must have a guaranteed proportion of NHS budget, at least 11%.

For those that suggest private medicine is an answer please remember in USA millions of people have no healthcare as a result. Remember the reason you became a doctor was to help all not just yourself. Please do not stay silent, demand these resources to save primary care now and tell this Government that if they do not respond you will ask your GP for that sick note at the point when giving the most basic safe care becomes unsustainable.

While our politicians fiddle over their self-serving Brexit the NHS burns. Let’s stop them fiddling and demand instead that they answer the truly awful issues confronting our fantastic health workers every day.

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