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Open letter from GPs to the public – ‘Don’t become lax’

Open letter to the public:

We write to you as concerned GPs and hospital consultants.

While much of life has returned to some sort of normality, it’s vital to understand that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic – the virus is still around us. We cannot afford to be lax in adhering to the guidance.

BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19. People from a black ethnic background are at a greater risk of death involving Covid-19 than all other ethnic groups. In addition, among faith communities, those identifying as Muslims, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh have a higher death rate than other groups.

Some young and previously-well people continue to feel unwell months after a bout of Covid-19.

  • We must continue to follow the guidance to help avoid a second wave of Covid and more tragic loss of life:
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap, especially after going out and before you eat; use sanitiser gel if there are no handwashing facilities;
  • Social distancing: always try to remain two metres from others, unless in your household or close ‘bubble’
  • Wear a face covering whenever you go into a shop and any enclosed indoor space, or if it’s crowded outside;
  • Ensure your face covering always covers your nose AND mouth;
  • Face coverings don’t replace social distancing or handwashing – they’re in addition and protect others and yourself;
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19, self isolate for ten days and get tested – call 119;
  • Tell your family and friends if you have Covid-19 symptoms so they can get tested, even if NHS Test and Trace doesn’t call them;
  • Socialising indoors is restricted to members of just two households together. The exception to this is weddings, where a sit down meal for up to 30 people is permitted, with social distancing and face coverings (except while eating) needed with anyone outside your own close ‘bubble’;
  • Your children will be going back to school soon, and it is important that they do attend school. Plan for safe journeys to and from school, and adhere to guidance from the school to ensure their safety;
  • If you travel abroad, quarantine on return from certain countries is a legal requirement. There is no option of testing to avoid quarantine or any other way to avoid quarantine on your return to the UK when required;
  • If you or other family members are eligible for the flu jab, please get it. It won’t protect you from Covid, but will help stop people getting both flu and Covid-19;
  • If you have had Covid, a positive antibody test doesn’t guarantee immunity;
  • If there are extra, temporary measures introduced in your area to control a local outbreak, please comply.

These measures will help keep the community safe from this terrible disease. Please help save lives,

Yours Faithfully,

Dr Sharon Raymond, GP and founder of Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation

Wendy Adams, RGN/NMP

Dr Noor Ahmed, GP

Dr Lisa Anderson, GP

Sally Armstrong, ANP primary care

Dr Charlotte Benjamin, GP, NCL vice chair

Dr Sam Boulis, GP

Dr Conrad Buckle, A&E consultant

Lisa Chandler, RGN

Dr Daniel Dietch GP

Dr Steve Doyle, GP

Dr Sarah Elkin, consultant in respiratory medicine, Clinical director, integrated care

Dr Saima Faizi, GP

Dr Zahra Hakim, GP

Dr Katherine Hickman, GP

Miss Karen Joash, consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology

Dr Dina Kaufman, GP

Professor Liz Lightstone, professor of renal medicine 

Dr Hayder Majeed, GP

 Dr Karen Marshall, nurse consultant

Victoria McKelvie, ANP

Dr Naveed Mustfa, consultant respiratory medicine

Dr Liz Nyholm GP

Dr Aminur Rahman, GP

Dr Lisa Racussen, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist

Dr Joanna Rees, GP

Abigail Reilly, ACP (physio) community respiratory clinical lead

Dr Ramamurthy Sathyamurthy, respiratory consultant

Dr Shazia Shaida, GP

Dr Fiona Sim, public health consultant

Dr Mukesh Singh, GP

Dr Connie Smith , GP

Dr Vicky Sweiry, GP

Dr Sharon Taylor, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist

Dr Michael Wetzler, GP

Dr S K Wong, GP