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Our new management strategy: the role of consultant GP

Dr Maureen Baker is a bit off the pace, asking for mental health workers in GP practices. Having failed to recruit for our retiring senior partner, after a national advert,we decided to spend our money on a mental health worker rather than further fruitless adverts for a replacement GP.

We already have a pharmacist and nurse practitioner plus local open access to a physio for our patients. A quick audit confirmed a high demand for mental health skills in our practice. Several mental health applicants responded to our enquiries and adverts and after some negotiation we have now recruited a post.

It is a joy to refer to our diabetic specialist nurse, respiratory nurse, pharmacist, nurse prescriber/minor injuries/practitioner and now mental health practitioner. The consultant GP is our management strategy to survive in practice. Now Maureen, how about some more lobbying for direct funding support to help us with this initiative?