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RCGP must start listening to trainers

I couldn't agree more with Phil Peverley's recent column and Dr Ian James's recent letter about the changes to GP training.

Last rites of a GP trainer

Peverley right on the mark on GP training

I, too, was a trainer for 15 years, but gave up last year.

I consider the e-portfolio to have been ill conceived by the RCGP and not fit for purpose. I told the college so.

Most of the trainers' meetings of the last three years have been taken up with trying (unsuccessfully) to understand the logic and workings of the e-portfolio and educational supervision websites, with little time spent discussing and on actual teaching.

Representation has been made by local GP trainers to programme directors and the RCGP, but it seems the message hasn't been heard.

The college needs to develop its active listening skills and offer a much simpler, user- friendly and intuitive system for assessing the development of our GP registrars.

From Dr Michael Price
Reepham, Norfolk