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Relaxation tips for self-care

Many GPs pin their hopes for the viability of the NHS on people being able to self-care.

Attaining emotional self-care is perhaps the first step. Once people feel secure they can bring rational thought to bear on their practical needs.

Here is one method of communicating a sense of self-care, using relaxation and detachment. I find this sort of thing useful in consultations.

‘Put one hand over the back of the other. Feel the warmth and reassurance. Think of the upper hand as wise, far-seeing, stable, tolerant, easygoing. Think of the lower as the hand that gets upset, anxious or frustrated, or feels deserted, or is apt to do silly, impulsive things. Let the upper hand radiate warmth, security, goodness and love.’

‘Now relax your legs. Let all the tension trickle down and out at the toes. Let them go limp. Do the same with your arms. Breathe slowly with your diaphragm, and with each breath say a relaxing word: easy, tranquil, serene. Your jaw can sag, face smooth over, eyes drift shut. Enjoy the peace.;

‘Retire from the here and now and be with your core, your sanity. You inherited it as a human being. It is there for you at all times. And when you’re ready, come back to the here and now, relaxed, refreshed and strengthened. Know you can do this again any time, and the more you practise, the better it will get.’

From Dr Alick Munro
Cranford, Middlesex