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Suggestions welcome, Sir John

Any suggestions on how you would go about performing ‘our moral duty' and ‘dealing with poor practice'

GPs have to grasp the nettle and weed out their under-performing colleagues

Surely GP partnerships are just that, and the partners are trying to work together, so complaining about a colleague would destroy the relationship.

Also, you only know what happens elsewhere by hearsay from patients unless you are at the PCT, so surely it is their problem.

I suppose locums, like myself, would be in a good position to highlight obvious poor practice, but we aren't in a position to do anything about it as we either want to keep our jobs or would like a reference for the next job.

Although I actually agree with your sentiments, Sir John, please don't just stir up trouble without at least some suggestions of how to shop your colleagues without them finding out it was you!

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