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The state of general practice: a poem

Every person who comes has their own story, their own plight
Their own personal problem, their own personal fight

I am their mentor, their guidance, for all years, and all generations
From every area of the world, for each and every nation

Patients come for guidance, or even an action
Sometimes a hidden agenda, and need a reaction
The need to stay calm and listen is key to this story
To understand the reason for the patient coming, and their fall from glory

Nowadays more and more come as a last resort.
But our aim is to save resources, as if stored behind a fort
Most patients come in for referral or a solution
As we all know either is often not possible, even against our own notion

We try our best to provide the best care possible
But now comes the time where this is no longer plausible
Resources are tight, overstretched beyond our means
We are overburdened, and stressed, and have now become our own saddened memes

Distraught and be sodden, is often what I hear my colleagues cry
Where patients care is compromised; no matter how hard we try
Our care for our patients has been diminished against our wishes
By the budget cuts and increased workload against our volitions

The NHS a proud tradition of this great nation
Is being crumbled rapidly like an earthquake vibration
We have worked long hours more than required for many years now without a whimper
Now has come the breaking point where we can no longer whisper

Dear colleagues, you do a fantastic job every day and every hour and every minute of your vocation
You are a credit to your profession and this great nation
We have an oath to look after our patients
But now that oath means fighting for our patients, our families and our profession.
The Hippocratic oath states to do no harm, this is not possible without fighting for our patients,
and this is perhaps our last NHS Lesson.

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