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They are asking us to run a Rolls Royce service on a Mini budget

I’m very glad to see from the June issue of Pulse that we have at least some movers and shakers in our fraternity like Dr Jackie Applebee and Dr Shaba Nabi who are expressing their views for thousands of quietly suffering peers.

I am all for undated resignations now, I don’t even want to wait for three months. One should not live for tomorrow, just do it.

I spoke to my local newspaper about the issue of CQC inspections after we were waiting six weeks for the report from our inspection. Following this article, the CQC has given extremely satisfactory results from the patient point of view, but have asked us to do many changes on the administrative and management side. This will be taxing and stressful for our practice manager and staff who have to undergo this. As I told the local newspaper, they are asking us to run a Rolls Royce service on a mini budget.

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