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We need a clear GP voice

I’d like to express my support for the line taken by our new RCGP chair Dr Clare Gerada.

Gerada hardens RCGPs stance on white paper

I have led commissioning consortia for five years and am very concerned about many aspects of health secretary Andrew Lansley’s policies.

We will be seen as the executioners of the Government’s cuts, our advocacy role for patients will be permanently damaged and we will be seen as party to the destruction of a management structure that has believed in a ‘not-for profit’ NHS ethos.

Unleashing market forces into commissioning and assuming GPs will know all that needs to be done are both grave errors.

We need a clear GP voice which works with the BMA to oppose the damaging aspects of these reforms, and we need to influence the parliamentary process with the hope that they will be amended or blocked.

From Dr Ross Bryson