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‘We’re in a good place (or system)’: LMC’s update on NHS reorganisation

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Dr Julius Parker, chief executive of Surrey and Sussex LMCs, provides a helpful – if not completely serious – explainer on yet another reorganisation of the NHS

Dear Colleagues

LMC Update: Local NHS Reorganisation

You are now part of a place, or rather, a Place.

You are also part of a System.

You may, additionally, soon be part of a Neighbourhood, but that is not quite in place yet. Everything
will ultimately fall into place, but Place will not be everything.

Over the last few years, you have been part of a CCG, but these have now been replaced, since a better
way of organising everything is now in place, or rather in Place.

In many places, the Places are the same places as the CCG used to be, but obviously it will seem very
different to be part of a Place compared with anywhere else. You are encouraged to be in dialogue
with other Place-based partners, and soon you will be told of the important matters you will be
expected to discuss. Do not assume that what is to be discussed at Place is merely commonplace, as
this would be misplaced. There is no place for complacency at Place.

Being part of a System is very different to being part of the system; your System will be proactive,
inclusive, innovative, and there for the benefit of all, or words that sound very similar.

Remember we are all heading for a better place, I mean Place.

With best wishes

Dr Julius Parker

Chief Executive