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What new deal?

From Dr Ahmed Nana, Leicester

It was always pretty likely that the government’s proposed ‘new deal for GPs’ was going to be a damp squib. But the main question now is what do we do next?

Every GP needs to ask themselves – can I do this work until I retire at 67 or maybe even longer? Can I even do this job for the next three to five years?

The RCGP’s non-response from Maureen Baker was to be expected. The first step for all GPs in the England should be to resign RCGP membership and put this pathetic college financially in the same place it is morally; bankrupt.

From the strength of the responses on the Pulse forums, it is clear that THIS is now the tipping point for many GPs and a crossroads for primary care in the NHS.

The GPC should elevate the interests of its members above the ethos of the NHS. Striking is not possible without the support of the wider BMA; this will never happen as the support is not there from other doctors. It will also not achieve anything if the last attempt is anything to go by.

What we need from the GPC are credible alternatives and choices. We need a ballot to give the GPC a mandate to work towards those alternatives. Not only could this be a bigstatement from the profession, it is also necessary to confirm the depths of feeling among grassroots GPs.

We need to get our professionalism and respect back and the abusive relationship with the NHS needs to stop. Otherwise it is going to be a slow and painful death for general practice.