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Why no legal action on CSA?

Congratulations to Dr Bashab Miri on passing the CSA, which is a tricky exam.

CSA is one for the thespians

This year the college raised the failure rate by 200%, making the 2010 vintage of registrars not only the worst on record, but three times worse than any previously. All these doctors had passed their third year at medical school, which covers much the same territory.
They had all been selected following careful, academically validated assessment. They had all been continuously assessed, during their vocational training, using academically validated tools, referenced to the standard required for independent practice, and not found wanting.

And yet they failed.

What’s astonishing is that the 40% of candidates, who in a normal year would have passed, have not decided to investigate the possibility of independent group legal action, to challenge the college.

From Dr Tom Robinson
Penarth, south Wales