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PBC postcard: Dr Niti Pall

Chair of the stakeholder group for Smethwick and Oldbury PBC Alliance Group

• I chaired this alliance because I believe all commissioning decisions should involve stakeholders first

• If I wasn't chair I would have much more time to read

• I spend a lot of time trying to convince colleagues it is worthwhile to carry on being involved in commissioning

• Trying is the phrase that sums up our PCT's attitude to PBC

• Fed up is the phrase that sums up local GPs' attitude to PBC

• Suspicious was the initial attitude of our local acute trust

• Our greatest achievement as a consortium has been implementing good care in nursing homes and working with a consultant geriatrician on this

• My greatest achievement has been getting four lay members on our governance board and getting them listened to

• The most frustrating thing about PBC is that budgets and incentives are not real

• The biggest threat to PBC's success is we don't believe in it anymore

• I am optimistic that PBC will lead to better collaboraton with public health and practices

• PBC would be transformed overnight if we had proper delegation with risks and rewards and proper strategic partners

• In five years' time PBC will be in another form with another name!

• In five years' time my cluster will have much more responsibility for doing things differently in primary care

Dr Niti Pall