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‘Frozen’ princess urges GPs to ‘Let It Go’

It’s nearly Christmas and GPs everywhere are being told to ‘let it go’.

‘Frozen’ is Disney’s latest cash-hungry franchise that involves a princess, a hot guy, an emotionally incoherent reindeer, a song you can’t get out of your head (even if you bang your bonce against a wall) and a comedy snowman called Olaf.

The plot is so complicated that only a four-year-old girl can follow it. 

We caught up with Elsa in her ice palace and asked her what advice she has for struggling GPs who inhabit that desolate winterland known as Britain.

‘I’m not sure really,’ she replied. ‘How about, “Be the good girl you have to be?”’

When asked for her thoughts about the low morale, the threat of practice closure and GPs leaving in droves, she replied: ‘Hmm, that isn’t a problem here in Arendelle. How about, “Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door”?’

Then she added: ‘You could always go to Australia. As I’ve said before, “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small.”’

When confronted with the idea that she was just mindlessly repeating her own lyrics, she sarcastically replied: ‘Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.’

Elsa couldn’t offer any more mildly feminist advice but did ask if everyone could kindly rush out and buy an over-priced Olaf with matching toilet seat because she has a mortgage to pay.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen.